architecture workshops in bhutan


15 days | 60 students | 2 countries | 16 villages | 2 workshops | 3 Lectures | Sustainable Living

Highlights of the Journey

The hands on experience during workshops and lessons learnt from Architects & Professionals are the most significant take-aways from every Purvai


Prof. Dr. A. K. Singh, Director Bharat Kala Bhavan  and Head, Department of History of Art, Lecture

- Experiencing the ongoing Alice Bonner travelling exhibition at Bharat Kala Bhavan. Prof. Dr. A. K. Singh discussed sculptures ranging from the Indus valley civilization to the latest of the Company paintings in pre and post-independent India.


Visit to College of Science and Technology, Bhutan

- Discussion on Concept of Grooss National Happiness in Bhutan by Prof. Dhrubraj Sharma and his first hand experince of the same.
- Interactive session between participants and Architecture students of CST, Bhutan.


Ar. Pam Jason Gyaltsen, Lecture

- Intro to Bhutanese Architecture and Culture by Ar. Pam Gyaltsen.
- Visit to Royal College of Thimphu and discussing his philosophy behind its Design.


Visit to Contruction Site of Traditional Bhutanese House, Bumtang 

- Understanding the various components of a Bhutanese house and their functions.
- Vernacular techniques & materials used for construction.
- Trying a hand at painting and ornamentation which is a must by law for every Bhutanese Building.

What Participants had to say

Kaarwan gave me a new perspective on life. I consider it as a turning point of my life. Thank you to all the organisers for such an initiative. Hoping to see you all in Kaarwan 2018.

Kaarwan'17 was a journey with self...yet being a part of a larger group, whom I met for the first time...shy smiles on first day turned into hugging and dancing together in a matter of no time! 15 days spent in search of something within that conclude with you realising that your craving only increases for the quest and that it will always be an continuous process that is never meant to end.

The idea to unlearn, what we already know, and relearn it defines both the high and the low of my trip! A gesture as simple as a smile, eventually, made all the difference and imparted all the learning I bundled to take back home with me!

. . . And more than anything I cherish the freedom I experienced in anything and everything. I have never got it anywhere else, other than Purvai'17. . .

Purvai'17 has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. As an 18year old to be able to travel and be exposed to so many new experiences and gain a new learning from every experience has made my mind open up to new possibilities. I'd never trade that experience for anything.

It was an amazing journey, that brought in many new perspectives in my life and also got me some life long friendships.