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15 days | 50 students | 5 states | 16 villages | 2 workshops | Green Architecture

Highlights of the Journey

The hands on experience during workshops and lessons learnt from Architects & Professionals are the most significant take-aways from Purvai


Ar. Anjan Mitra, Lecture

- Like his firm's name The Appropriate Alternative, Ar. Anjan Mitra provided a different but fitting methodology of designing building.


Ar. Richard Belho, Workshop on Bamboo Architecture

- A simple bamboo can build an entire building. We couldn't have known it without a hands-on experience in bamboo workshop.


Organic Farming, Workshop by Ar. Richard Belho

- Organic farming taught us a way of discovering nature's pathways and inspired us to constantly search for more.


Ar. Laurent Fournier, Lecture

- "Modern buildings cannot breathe" - Ar. Laurent Fournier quoted and explained rammed earth and bamboo architecture like none of Bengals native could.



Guwahati | Kaziranga | Laokhowa

Kohima | | Khonoma | Mima | Dimapur | Dzukou | Tsiepama

Kolkata | Kharagpur

Shillong | Sohra | Cherarrapunji

Imphal | Kaina | Loktak

What Participants had to say

“ explore new places, to learn new things, to meet new people”

"KAARWAN-One of the best things that can happen to anybody.Exceptionally great experience!”

“Kaarwan made me realise how diverse people can become family within no time.”

“All journeys have secret destinations which the traveller is unaware." - Martin Burbur.

"Team Kaarwan proved the saying and yet changed the definition of 'journeys' and 'travel' for so many of us. Kaarwan is now a feeling which is shared by a close knit family.”

"i was lucky enough for such a great experience which I got was more than I could have ever imagined, in the journey of kaarwan where each day revealed something magical”

"A memorable journey that remoulded my perception towards learning and helped me reset my erratic approach towards fun and friendship.”