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7 States | 15 Villages | 8k kilometers | 2 Workshops

Purvai' 15

The Purvai'15 was a journey to know what India wants from us. We travelled with 50 highly motivated youths, selected through a rigorous application process to explore and inspire the Winds of Change "The Purvai". During the journey, participants discovered an India hidden from its own citizens, an India which is ridden with problems and an India which has solution to problems. Far from the reach of google is an India which seeks attention.

Highlights of the Journey

The hands on experience during workshops and lessons learnt from Architects & Professionals are the most significant take-aways from Purvai


Hunnarshala, 3 day workshop "How to Learn"

- Study of Earthquake resistant Buildings & unique Architectural styles of Bhuj.
- Homestay in villages around Bhuj to understand the culture and life of people around.


Ar. Karan Grover, Lecture

- Visit to Jaspur Art Center & Shroff House.
- Discussion on how he got Champaner the status of a World Heritage Site.


Dharmalaya Institute, Workshop with Ar. Didi contractor

- Handson experience on Adobe brick and earth bag construction.
- Discussion with Ar. Mark Moore on eco-friendly architecture & farming


Ar. Revathi Kamat, Lecture at Manav Sangrahalaya

- Visit to Manav Sangrahalaya.
- Lecture by Ar. Revathi Kamat on how she developed the idea of Tribal Museum collaborating with the local artisans & artists.





Vadodara | Ahmedabad | Champaner | Bhuj

Jodhpur | Jaisalmer | Bikaner

Amritsar | Chandigarh

Bir | Garli | Paragpur

Rishikesh | Roorkee

What Participants had to say

“As Norman Foster said, "Architecture is the expression of values", this journey brought me closer to them, and I thank my friends and organizers- Ashutosh, Gourav, Kishley and Mayank, for organising this journey to bring us closer to our soul.”

“This is one of those experiences, after which your life will be defined as... "Before Purvai & after Purvai"

Go get inspired, and I promise you, your life will change.

Mine did.”

“As the sun came up in a brilliant blaze of orange, I reflected on just how large the world was, and perhaps how I had finally seen a part of the world that felt like it was right on the edge, where past the horizon you could almost fall right off.”

“The composition of various diverse places was highly impressive.”

“There are secrets all around us waiting to be revealed in hope for a better future. Kaarwan provided me with the eyes to see them and learn from them”

“Kaarwan was an excellent medium to gain knowledge through travel...
According to me.”